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Not Your Average Phantom of the Opera

Superheroes were all the rage when I was in elementary school. If you didn’t have a kick-ass superhero costume on Halloween, you knew better than to show your face at the annual St. Charles Elementary Halloween Day Parade. I struggled for a long time when deciding which superhero I would be. My mother campaigned hard for Spider Man—“He doesn’t have many friends either”–pep talks were not her forte. But Peter Parker just didn’t feel like the right fit. I was looking for something more…musical [READ MORE]

Not Your Average Veterinarian

Required Listening: Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang.
Twenty years ago I thought the future me would be much further ahead. I’m not saying things have turned out better or worse– just different. Let

Not Your Average First Day Of School

Required Listening: A Little Less Conversation – JXL Remix
The following is a list of my biggest fears (in no particular order)…
1) Strip clubs
2) Push doors with pull handles
3) Getting